July 16, 2015

The first part of July has been good.  I took a hit, but bounced back.  The S&P 500 index is up 3.55% as of the close of business July 15.  I’m up 7.05% as of the same time (including after hours fluctuations).  I pegged to the S&P 500 index, but occasionally I’ll do a day trade or two when it looks easy.

I am going to stay pegged to the S&P and resist straying too far from it.  I have built up positions in Europe & Japan again, which I will probably keep unless some other major event happens. I don’t see anything stopping this market from climbing again.  I think we set a new high before the end of the month, and finish the year around 4-8% like I said at the start of the year.  The next pull back will be FED induced with a rate hike, or possibly some bond market defaults with the oil drillers with the price drop of oil.  My start of the year assessment hasn’t changed, although I don’t think yield is being sought as much as growth.  The strong dollar is still a concern.

I will go back into healthcare and small caps, but in smaller positions and keep an eye out for good entry points into strong stocks.  I’m considering Ambarella & Aetna, and right now.  Missed the boat on Apple & Palo Alto Networks last Thursday & Tuesday, clear buy signal… but I missed it.  I’ll keep my eye out for the usual suspects, the strong blue chips, and if there’s a pull back, I’ll buy try building positions a little bit at a time.

My positions are:

SPY: 63.7%

HEDJ (currency hedged Europe ETF): 14.2%

DXJ (currency hedged Japan ETF): 12.7%

HACK (cyber security ETF): 2%

CI (Cigna): 2% – for a trade, I think they catch a take over bid

TTM (Tata motors): 1.9% – for a trade, waiting for a bounce

WFC (Wells Fargo): 1.8% – core position building

HUM (Humana): 1.2% – for a trade, I think the deal with Aetna goes through

BAC (Bank of America): 1.1% – started a position recently, had a great quarter.  A laggard that could catch up, and I like regression to the mean.

INDA (India ETF): 1% – Just to have a position

Very small call positions in GM, TWTR, TTM

Short LPNT (Lifepoint): -4.2% – have had this trade on for a while.  Its just running too hot.  Not looking for a huge drop, but a retracement at least.