Service Process


Continuous Service

At the core of our approach are your goals. In defining that goal, we consider your core requirements, potential and existing problems to those requirements, and possible solutions. That process is then applied throughout our strategic planning methodology.

DHS Financial Strategies will collaborate with you to best achieve your desired results. Our first priority with any client project is to listen and try to understand your objectives, then try our hardest to come up with an elegant, efficient, and effective course of action to meet those objectives.

The Plan

Our intellectual capital, creativity, and practical knowledge swing into full effect during the development of the actual strategic plan. Our goal is not only to develop a strategic road map that will help our clients achieve their goals with maximum control & risk management, but also to provide the resources and tools to implement and monitor this long term strategy. The true value is in our ability to weight multiple considerations when formulating the plan. From investments, estates, gifts, administration of foundations, family businesses, insurance, cash flow, and legacy planning…we can help you bring it all together.

Once your long-term plan is in place, we will take great effort to turn theory into results. We’ll be with you throughout the entire process. Our job is to make this process easy and to assist in its success. We’ll do everything possible to help you meet your objectives – and it starts with providing high-quality service.