Advisor Coordination

Our firm excels at bringing all the pieces together through a holistic approach and formulating a game plan to meet client needs. Corporate attorneys, personal attorneys, investment advisors, insurance agents, estate planners, financial planners, and accountants all bring a core area of expertise. Our core area of expertise is translating & integrating these multiple voices into a cohesive team with one voice, focused on your goals.

One way to think about our approach is to ask yourself the following question: “When was the last time my corporate attorney, personal attorney, accountant, investment advisor, and insurance agent met as a team with me to talk about how they could all work together to help me meet my personal and business financial objectives?”

We strive to complement, not replace, our clients’ other advisors. Sometimes our clients ask us to help them select a new attorney, CPA, money manager, or insurance agent. We are glad to provide this type of assistance. However, most often our clients want us to work with their existing advisory team.

Wealth planning cuts across the boundaries of accounting, tax planning, law, investments, and insurance. Sometimes the best way to deal with a complex issue is to gather together all of the advisors who deal with any aspect of the issue so that they can develop joint recommendations and coordinate their efforts. True teamwork is a group of people working towards solving a problem, each in their own distinctive way.

In all cases, our objective is to help our clients get more value out of their relationships with their other advisors.