Coordination Through Technology

DHS Financial Strategies embraces and uses technology to empower clients and coordinate advisors. Our technology platforms are designed to help us, clients, and client advisors work smarter and more efficiently. This requires us have sophisticated technology with an easy to use and efficient user interface. To accomplish this, we use multiple technology platforms.

We can centralize client planning information on a secure server. This server can act as a centralized data hub so multiple advisors can access necessary client information & financial simulations. This way, we can further coordinate the efforts of all your advisors with seamless sharing of information & data.

For example, If your accountant, insurance advisor, and investment advisor all need to be involved with an executive compensation decision regarding a 412(i) plan, they can do so with our technology and even work on financial simulations together on it. Without ever being in the same room at the same time!

All the information entered for the client travels with a 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. All the data is stored in a secured database and access to this database is restricted. Furthermore, personal account numbers are not used with our technology platforms, only information such as asset amount, risk tolerance, income amounts, expenses, cash flow, insurance holdings, and similar non-account specific information is stored.

DHS Financial also uses the innovative Personal Financial Index® (PFITM), a comprehensive financial benchmark which evaluates and scores how well you are managing personal finances today and preparing for your future across critical lifestyle areas such as saving for college education, retirement wealth accumulation, personal risk management, future major purchases, cash flow and debt management. PFITM is free, easy to use and totally secure!