March 2nd, 2015

So February was a heck of a month.  The S&P 500 ripped higher by 5.49%!  That’s a heck of a month, and really, one that I can’t keep up with. When markets rip like that, its just tough to keep up. I fell back to an alpha of 0.619%, so I lost about 3 tenths of a point.  Overall, not too bad.

I’m in China with Ali Baba & Baidu through options.  I have some time with them, but I sure hope that China turns around soon., otherwise, I like my positions and am hoping to get a chance to get back into some names (like Apple & cyber security).

I have been building larger & larger positions into in international stocks and believe that is a good place to be.  “Don’t fight the FED”… except in this case, don’t fight the ECB or the Japanese Central Bank.  As the U.S. tapers down, the rest of the world tapers up.

That said U.S. equities are a fine place, with sentiment nearing all time highs and with nothing in the way to stop it. Until we start seeing inflation and the FED kills the market by raising rates. But there’s also been a sell off in bonds, so I see money flow into equities, both international & domestic.

Really, just hold equities, its ripping up this year. Recently, bonds have been selling off, so there is plenty of money flow left into equities.

Lastly, the trading activity statement: 03-02-15 – Statement