December 10, 2014

12-05-14 – Morningstar Report

12-05-14 – Transaction Record

\We have more action! I haven’t written in a while, but I’ve liked my positions.  Oil prices have crashed, wow! I still have my small position in EPD & AMLP, which are pipeliners, but still getting crushed. I’ve been caught in the Ali Baba retrenchment, but I still like it.  I’ll fire again when it hits 100.  Macy’s & Apple has fallen a bit, but at least that sold call option should pay off.

I’ll basically stay put, get out of small caps, get out of Dow (that one’s sucked), and re-balance into restaurant stocks. I’ve been watching American Airlines just soar telling myself I’ve missed it, but I’ll dabble a quick trade.  I think oil is going lower… its just a war that OPEC has declared and I want no part of oil right now.  I’ll start wadding in once oil hits 55-57.  There is just way too much supply.

But, I do think that the stocks getting hit by low oil prices this year will be the biggest winners next year. So its worth watching how this plays out.  But I’ll buy institutional names later… like Conoco Phillips, followed by some flyers like Atlas Energy (those guys have been crushed!).

I’ve also messed with Google a bit, but I’m going to shift out of that into my other tech holdings. Their star is falling a bit, and other search engines are gaining ground.

I’ve fallen behind the S&P, mostly due to the tech positions that have fallen fast, Apple, Ali Baba, etc… the beta chase has hurt.  But I like the holdings still.