The Important Things

That you need from an advisor…


As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) we are required by Federal & State law to follow a fiduciary standard of care. As a fiduciary we must, at all times, act for the sole benefit and interest of our clients. It is a relationship of loyalty, integrity, and trust.

Proof of Performance

Our performance is not hidden.  Does your financial advisor show their performance vs. the S&P 500 or a benchmark?  Most don’t.  They want to keep you in the dark and hide the fact that they are probably losing to a cheap index fund.  Our results are in the blog, with trade activity and statements from the model portfolio.


While we trade and invest, we still maintain asset allocations for clients.  The trades in the model portfolio aren’t for everyone, so we tailor asset allocations to your risk tolerance and try to protect you from sleepless nights!

Investment Performance

Subscribe to our Twitter feed or our Blog.  All the performance statements are right there for you, no hiding, fully transparent.  We make a plan, set ground rules, and wait for opportunities.

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Personal Financial Index

We’ve taken Customization to a whole new level.  Use the Personal Financial Index to track your financial health, share financial information with multiple consultants and advisors in an instant, and communicate on an easy to use platform.

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Expert Advice.

We go a lot farther than simply giving you a cookie cutter financial plan. We show you how with expert advice and coordination with your other advisors.

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At the core of our approach are your goals. In defining that goal, we consider your core requirements, potential and existing problems to those requirements, and possible solutions.

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Done Awesome.

Contact us and we’ll talk!  Follow our Blog or Twitter Feed and follow our commentary & trades.

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